slide 3Welcome to “My Online Coach”

With years of experience in both training coaches* and as practicing Life** and Business Coaches*** we know just how powerful coaching can be.

We believe that coaching can help you to achieve personal and professional goals with that may seem out of your reach, and of course, coaching can help maintain positive wellbeing and rich and meaningful relationships.

We have been delivering face to face coaching in various cities in the UK such as London, Bristol, Bath and Swindon. With the advances in technology we feel now is the time to respond to requests from both individuals and organisations to offer our service via Skype.

By using a Skype coach, you can alleviate the stress of location and time. With Skype Coaching you can pick any day or time that suits you best…and you don’t even have to leave your desk or home.

My Online Coaching is a division of the UK College of Personal Development.*

The Life Coaching Centre**

MBS Coaching***